The courage to fight and the strength to care

Catholic Aids Action(CAA)

Catholic Aids Action (CAA) was founded in 1998 by dr Lucy Steinitz and sr dr Raphaela Händler, through the Namibian Catholic Bishop’s Conference as Namibia’s first church-based response to the country’s HIV /AIDS crisis, which had already reached pandemic proportions.  It has since grown to be the largest NGO responding to AIDS in Namibia, currently operating 14 offices in 9 of the 13 regions.

Working closely with local parishes and faith communities, the work and mission of Catholic AIDS Action has four principal focuses: home-based family care and counselling, youth education and prevention, care and support to orphans and vul-nerable children, and voluntary counselling and testing. Services are available to all, irrespective of religion, race or back-ground with a preferential option for the very poorest affected by this pandemic.

Mission statement:

Acting in the Spirit of Christ, Catholic Aids Action challenges the AIDS pandemic in Namibia with the Courage to Fight and the Strength to Care for the benefit of all.  In pursing justice and empowerment, and through holistic spirituality, CAA builds on Roman Catholic institutions and affiliated groups, other denominations, organizations and local communities to inspire and support programs of HIV/AIDS prevention and care and support to adults and children affected by and infected with HIV and AIDS.

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Sr Dr Raphaela Händler


Dr Lucy Steinitz
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